Art of Dry Leaf Painting



Welcome to our “Oil Paintings on Dry Leaves” art show. These special leaves are from “peepal” ( Ficus religiosa) tree found in India. When leaves first appear their color is red-pinkish, but then they turn deep green and grow to about 5-7 inches long with 6-8 pairs of side-veins and a further network of very fine veins. A special process is used to make dry leaf ready for oil painting. A green leaf is soaked for 8 hours in a bowl of water and then washed carefully under running water until only the veins remain. This skeleton leaf is then dried under Sunlight. The delicate venation and the ability of the leaf to preserve itself when dried, makes it a great canvas for oil painting. The portrait painting is a work of well known artist Mr. Bhatkar and general paintings are created by students(experience level 10 years or more). All artists are resident of India. All our leaf paintings are created in India by three Indian artists. Each portrait takes approximately three to 4 weeks. For 25 leaves of each general painting takes about two weeks to create.

Enjoy our collection of Many Faces of Jesus Christ

We hope these remarkable oil paintings on dry leaves enhance aesthetics of your home, office or where ever you live. A leaf painting can be a memorable gift and will be cherished for years to come.  

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